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Welcome to the Creek

Welcome to Mossy Creek's Webpage. Follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter ( for up to date information about our school.

Principal: Stephanie Hammond
Asst. Principal: Leslie Bee
Phone: 803-442-6090
Office Hours: 7:00am- 4:00pm

​PR Ambassador: Shari Hooper
Tech. Coach: Nicole Landy
Website Contact: Amy Edwards
Volunteer/Mentor Contact: Shari Hooper
Communication Tools and Techniques: Newsletters, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, phone calls, parent community meetings, school marquee, and principal messages.

Follow Your Penny
Updates On Your Investment In Public Education
Souper Bowl of Caring
Thank you so much for all of your support for our Souper Bowl of Caring Event! The Student Council members have counted all of the food items, and we collected a total of 854 food items! Wow! Great job! These items were donated to a local food pantry in North Augusta. They said that this was the largest donation from any school. Way to go MCE!!

class that collected the most cans was Mrs. Hamlett. Her class will have an ice cream party! Good work, Mrs. Hamlett's Class!

January Principal's Writing Winners
Congratulations to Kayla Cardenas, Camdon McKie, Joshua Pellegrino, Preston Hill, Tyrek Curry, Jon Kent Owens, Reagan Harley, and Cassady Fortson.
Read Across America 2015
Read Across America Week will be here before we know it! It is the week of March 2nd-5th. There are two exciting events happening this week. More information about these events will come later.

March 3rd- Volunteer Readers for every classroom. 8:00 a.m.
March 5th- Family Read Night (Build-A-Book) 5:00-7:00 p.m.
ACT Aspire
†††† This past summer the S. C. Legislature changed the state testing program.† A new test called Aspire will be given in grades 3 through 8 to test reading, writing, English, math, and science. Students in grades 4-8 will continue to take the SCPASS tests for science and social studies.† The Aspire tests will be given on April 28 through May 1, and the two SCPASS tests will be administered on May 7 and 8, 2015.†
†††† The biggest change that our students will notice is that each Aspire subtest has a time limit.† Students will be tested for approximately one hour per day, and the writing test must be completed in 30 minutes.† Some students may not finish before they must stop working and turn in their tests.† Our students are more familiar with the SCPASS tests, which have no specific time limits.† Teachers are currently providing practice for students so that they will become more comfortable with the timed tests.††† The two different science tests will allow us to assess our studentsí knowledge of the South Carolina science standards while still being able to compare our studentsí achievement with their peers nationally.
Team Read
Students will read and complete reading logs. Click on the links for a copy of the reading logs (MS word or PDF). For every 25 books read the student will turn their reading†log into their teacher.†
1st to 3rd†Grade: count each chapter as a book
4th and 5th Grade: count every 100 pages as a book

Once the student turns in 25 books the student's photo will be placed on out Team Read board. Every additional 25 books read the student will earn a sticker to put by their photo on the Team Read Board.†

The program will begin in the second nine weeks and run through May 2015. We hope each family will encourage their child to take part in this challenge and benefit from reading on a regular basis.†

Click here to see the Team Read Wall of Fame Photos.

SchoolFusion Parent Account
A SchoolFusion Parent Account allows parents to view all of their childrenís classroom information in one web location. Parents can check assignments, view important deadlines on FusionPage calendars, follow their children's sports calendars, school events and much more!† Once parents have created an account email notifications will be sent when new announcements and assignments are added. †Only parents/guardians of students enrolled in Aiken County Public School District are allowed to register.

SchoolFusion Parent Guide
( )

Parent Registration
To create a parent account, you will need the student id# for each student and birthdate.† The birthdate should be keyed in with †no leading zero or dashes.

Calling all Mentors!
Mossy Creek Elementary is looking for some mentors!† Mentors are an adult community member who commits and invests about 45 minutes a week (driving time included)in the life of a child.† Last year we had over 20 adults participate in the program---all the kids who were mentored made academic gains and social skill strides due to the program.† The mentors simply came, visited, talked, played a game, reviewed spelling words, read a book, etc etc with a special underprivileged child.† In our school, 56% of our homes are single parent homes --most often these single parents are trying to manage everything alone!† We also have 67% of our kids on free and reduced lunch. We have many kids who could benefit from some extra adult support.†† Do you have a bit of time to give back to your community in an encouraging way?† Please email me if you are available.† Training is 30 minutes---this Thursday at 12:00 p.m. or Friday at 9:00 a.m--1 training next week also.
Car Line Proceedures
Morning Drop Off: For the safety of the children, parents of car riders are requested to have your child exit the car at ones of the ten designated poles. If you park in the front parking lot, you have to walk your child across the crosswalk.†Students are not allowed to walk across the crosswalk by themselves. Do NOT park in the handicap spaces unless you have a handicap tag.

Afternoon Car Line: The left-hand car lane in the afternoon cannot be blocked until 2:00. You may start parking in that lane at 2:00. Parents should be in their car no later than 2:35 or 2:40 pm. At approximately 2:45, we will take students who have not been picked up inside the building. Once inside the building, parents will need to park and come in to sign out their child.

If your child/children miss their name when it is announced, and are not at the correct pole on time, your car/carpool will be asked to pull forward beyond pole 1. This is so the car line can continue efficiently and the next 10 cars are in place simultaneously. Names are announced and then often teachers repeat names again. He or she can also ask any teacher about their pole number on the way out the PE door.
2014-2015 Supply List
Please click here for the 2014-2015 Supply List.